Practice Areas

Morgan Samuels is a generalist firm, with experience across multiple industries and disciplines. The firm is structured in niche practice areas to better serve the varying needs of an increasingly diverse client base. Each practice area is led by industry experts, who bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a strong network within their respective fields to our firm. The generalist approach provides strength, as every team can tap into a variety of perspectives, ideas, and out-of-the-box strategies when launching and executing a search. Clients get the best of both worlds - the expertise of a boutique specialist practice and the broad knowledge base and experience of a generalist firm.


The generalist nature of our retained executive search firm means that our branches reach out to a number of different industries; however, our focus on the aforementioned core nooks puts us in a position of authority in some of the fastest moving markets. What this means for you is a partnership with a firm who has its eye on the big picture, but an intrinsic knowledge of the top people, companies and locations in the industries you see listed above. Please click on the discipline that you're most concerned with to learn how we can help you excel within it.


Since 1969, Morgan Samuels has been committed to providing world-class executive search services. Our top executive search firm is continually focused on serving our clients' best interests, while earning and maintaining the highest degree of trust and respect that is expected from leading executive employment agencies. Morgan Samuels' Executive Recruitment Consultants serve as true thought partners for our clients, helping to identify and place the best executive talent. Morgan Samuels is a generalist firm, with practice areas across multiple industries. Whether your team requires the expertise of a healthcare executive search firm, an aerospace executive search firm, or a financial executive search firm, Morgan Samuels is equipped to provide the highest level of service in almost any industry.